Stolen Valkyrie

The Book Of Her

Unbecoming Everything I’m Not

Biggest and Best

I have always been a little person. Always. Since pre-memory I have taken pride in hiding in spaces that should be too small for me to fit in. I didn’t weigh over 100lbs until I was in 6th grade. Puberty didn’t strike until I was 15 and I was 19 before I got my bContinue reading “Biggest and Best”

The Chosen

Full moon rises outside the windowTwo deadweight bodies radiating body heatLegs across mineClaiming me as their own even in sleepI don’t mindI have been theirs since the moment I could finally hold them in my arms instead of vaguely curse at them to get the fuck out of me Tension rises outside the doorVoices raisedContinue reading “The Chosen”

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